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Refer a venue to Sharesy and we’ll give you both 1 month commission free*
Refer a venue

Refer a venue and get 1 month commission free for your venue.

Refer anyone you know who works for, manages or owns a venue

Get a month commission whenthe referred venue goes live (up to £250)

The venue you refer will get the same: 1 month commission free

Refer a venue
Subject to terms & conditions below

Terms & conditions

1. You must be employed by a venue already listed on

2. For you to qualify for a referral reward, the venue you refer must be located within the M25 ring road in London.

3. Sharesy may decline to list venues not in keeping with our community ethos.
(a) Qualifying venues include, among others: schools, churches, community centres, pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants with spaces for private hire;
(b) Non-qualifying venues include those without spaces for private hire and any providing adult-only entertainment;
(c) If you’re unsure if the venue you want to refer qualifies, please contact us.

4. You will receive your commission free month in the month the referred venue goes live on our platform. If multiple referred venues go live, the supplemental free month will occur in the following month.

5. There is no limit to the number of venues you can refer, provided the conditions above are met for each.

6. The total amount you can save per month is capped at £250.