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Become a host.

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We bring you bookings.

Reach thousands of local bookers through the Sharesy marketplace. Get in front of Londoners searching for spaces like yours - from one-off kids' parties to recurring clubs and classes.

"Sharesy have been fantastic in helping us generate income for our school from our facilities. Their platform makes it easy for prospective hirers to book our spaces. I would absolutely recommend Sharesy to others!”
Raquel from Coppetts Wood School

You're in control.

It's your space so you choose how to share it. Open during the week for fitness classes, in the evenings for study groups, or on the weekends for celebrations - it's up to you.
  • Keep your calendar up to date on Sharesy, or sync with a work calendar
  • Set different prices by date
  • Set your house rules and choose the types of guests you accept
  • Receive full customer info to discuss their event with them

Hassle free.

  • Instantly bookable spaces - a great experience for guests and no more back and forth for you
  • Dedicated customer support to help guests before their event, so you don't have to
  • Our onboarding team help you get online

How it works.

  • List on Sharesy for free
    Our onboarding team help get your spaces on sale. Then rely on Sharesy's marketing to get in front of lots of local searchers.Guests contact Sharesy customer service, who contact you if guests want to view the venue or book outside your standard hours.
  • Guests instantly book
    After booking, guests receive detailed information about what to do on the day. You receive confirmation in case you want to contact the booker or amend their booking. Do everything from your email or use the app.
  • You manage things on the day
    You open and close for the booker (or use our security partner). Your money is transferred at the end of the month, less our service fee. If anything goes wrong we mediate and can charge the guest extra.

Partnered with over 200 venues across London

Our frequently asked questions.

How much can I expect to earn?

It depends on many things, primarily the quality, availability and size of your spaces. Many of our venues earn over £2,000 per month and some earn over £5,000 per month.

Over 70% of bookings for venues come from Sharesy marketing. We also help you hire to your existing audience by giving you flyers and templates.

What does Sharesy cost?

We charge a 20% service fee on bookings via Sharesy (speak to us about custom pricing if you do over £2,000 / month in lettings).

We only get paid when you hire your spaces. There is no direct cost to using Sharesy - no setup fee, monthly fee, or hidden fees. There is also no exclusivity, no lock in or minimum contract period, and we don't charge a service fee on migrated bookings.

How do I get paid?

We charge bookers for you and pay your money into your bank account each month.

What happens if a guest overstays, doesn't clean up, or damages my space?

Our payment provider retains the guest's payment card details to cover unexpected costs.

When booking, guests must accept that they may be charged on behalf of the venue for cleaning, damages or overstaying. If you wish to charge the guest after their hire, contact your account manager within 48 hours and we will mediate and charge the guest.

You mentioned Instant Book - what if I don't want to accept a booking?

If the guest is not suitable you can cancel their booking within 48 hours. Sharesy will then contact the guest and arrange a refund or an alternative venue. In order to minimise this it's important to keep your calendar up to date and to ensure your house rules and accepted activities are correct.

Who can host on Sharesy?

Anyone who owns or has the right to sublet their venue can list on Sharesy.

What if I've never let my spaces before?

We work with venues who had never done lettings and now earn over £1,000 a month on Sharesy.

Here are some of the things we do that venues new to lettings find useful:

Our customer support team deal with bookers on your behalf

Our onboarding team help you set pricing, house rules and content

We partner with a security firm who can open and close your venue for a low hourly fee

We already work with a lettings partner

Sharesy does not require an exclusive agreement - if you are able to work with us then let us help you reach a larger audience.

Are you accepting hosts outside London?

For us to successfully find bookings for our venues it's important that we give bookers many options within their local area. Right now we are focussed on building supply in London only. If you're outside London and interested please get in touch to be first in line when we expand.