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How Monkey Music reduced their hire admin with Sharesy


We recently caught up with Sharesy superbooker, Jessie Greer, who opened her Monkey Music franchise in 2016.

Monkey Music is passionate about introducing music to little ones right from the start, beginning with specialist baby classes from 3 months, to teaching children to read music and introducing orchestral instruments at 3-4 years. Each class level is superbly resourced, structured and beautifully presented with gorgeous puppets, hand crafted props, specialist percussion, dance, magical bubbles and lots more. Monkey Music provides the perfect learning environment for children to flourish.

The challenge

Jessie works with a number of different venues across Islington, London. Each of them has their own processes and quirks. Managing hiring relationships at existing venues and finding new ones has had its challenges.

Venues are slow to respond: All the back and forth with venues can be time consuming and slow  - from a lack of response when contacting new venues or waiting days for replies about schedule changes at existing venues.

Differing processes: A lack of consistency across venues, means Jessie has to adapt to each individual venue’s needs. “Each venue has its own requirements and different hiring procedures, so it is a challenge managing their various needs.”

Finding a new venue can take months:  After generating a shortlist, she has to painstakingly contact each venue individually to get more info: “It is a time-consuming process.”

“The most common problem is venues not replying to initial enquiries, which to me is baffling as I'm wanting to provide some income for them.”
How Monkey Music reduced their hire admin with Sharesy

The solution

When St Peter de Beauvoir Church partnered with Sharesy in December 2022, Jessie  migrated her bookings to the Sharesy platform. All her booking admin at the church is now streamlined and when looking for new venues, she now knows that Sharesy is on hand to help.

Always there to help find new venues

With over 50 venues in Islington, Sharesy is there to help Jessie if she needs a back-up venue in an emergency or when she’s thinking of expanding her classes. The in-house knowledge, expertise and support from the team has really impressed her: “Lovely, they're very understanding and personable.”

Professional hiring experience

The team helped to seamlessly move Jessie over to the new booking platform. From then on, customer support is always on hand to resolve any issues and she has an up-to-date view of her hire dates.

“I was impressed by how much more professional the hiring experience became. It's made it easier to reliably schedule my bookings.”
Flexibility to suit her needs

Sharesy’s flexible scheduling and payment options enabled Jessie to pay when and how it suited her. Paying monthly or termly and via bank transfer or card has helped make the process much easier.

“Sharesy was so accommodating and flexible whilst I adjusted my small business to a new payment schedule and hiring system.”

More time for monkeying around

Sharesy has made the process of finding new venues and managing any existing hires much easier. Saving time with all the back and forth with venues, as well as reducing ongoing hire admin has enabled Jessie to focus on promoting and running her classes.

Having seen how Sharesy can benefit her, Jessie is keen to recommend them to others. When asked what she’d say to anyone considering working with Sharesy, she said “Yes, go with them!”

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