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Unlocking Revenue Streams: Insights from School Leaders at Bett 2023


Dan Moross

The survey, conducted in April 2023, shed light on the diverse strategies employed by schools to sustain their financial health.

1. Lettings: A Cornerstone of Revenue Generation
Lettings emerged as a predominant source of revenue, with 46.9% of respondents indicating its importance. The majority (91.3%) manage lettings internally, showcasing a trend towards self-sufficiency in this aspect of school finance.

2. Diversification of Revenue Streams
Beyond lettings, schools demonstrated a diversified approach to revenue generation. School fetes and events (36.7%), parent association fundraising (32.7%), and corporate sponsorship (12.2%) were identified as additional sources of income, reflecting the adaptability of schools in exploring various avenues.

3. Marketing Strategies: Bridging the Gap with the Community
When it comes to marketing available spaces, schools employ a mix of traditional and digital channels. Newsletters and parent communications (52.2%) and social media/local press (47.8%) were the preferred channels, highlighting the importance of community engagement in driving lettings.

4. Barriers to Increased Revenue
While schools are actively engaging in revenue-generating activities, barriers persist. Respondents identified limitations in the number of available spaces (39.1%) and challenges in finding reliable bookers (34.8%) as notable hurdles. Additionally, concerns about site manager availability and flexibility (39.1%) underscore the need for streamlined processes in managing school facilities.

5. Allocation of School Income
The survey delved into how schools allocate their income. Staffing and supply cover took the lion's share at 85.7%, emphasizing the critical role personnel play in the school ecosystem. Maintenance and repairs (59.2%) and school supplies (59.2%) ranked closely, showcasing the multi-faceted nature of school expenditures.

6. Financial Management Challenges
In terms of financial management, the survey revealed a nuanced picture. While a minority felt that school finances were getting easier (14%), a significant proportion (63.7%) expressed varying degrees of difficulty. A notable 24.5% reported that managing school finances had become much harder over the last 12 months, reflecting the ongoing economic challenges faced by educational institutions.

In conclusion, the insights gathered from the Bett 2023 survey illuminate the dynamic strategies schools employ to navigate financial complexities. From embracing diverse revenue streams to addressing barriers and challenges, schools continue to adapt, ensuring the sustainability of education in an ever-changing landscape.

Unlocking Revenue Streams: Insights from School Leaders at Bett 2023

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